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About Charleston, MO - Happy to be your hometown Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor!

Located in Mississippi County, the county seat of Charleston is home to approximately 6,000 residents. Historically, the community has been tied to the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, as it is located at the confluence. The Battle of Charleston was held here in August 1861, and Confederate General M. Jeff Thompson robbed the local Union Bank of Charleston later that year.

While Charleston is a modestly-sized community, there are a few popular things to see and do here. Fishing is a major pastime in the area, and both residents and visitors who enjoy the sport need to check out the Charlestonia Fish N’ Hut. The Charleston Country Club offers a well-manicured golf course, while the Mississippi County Bowling Center is a popular hangout for the local high school students on a Saturday night. There are several unique restaurants in the community, including the City Limits Grill, Las Brisas, and The Glenn.

Whether you are a Charleston resident, plan to relocate, or just hope to visit, you’ll want to know want to expect from the weather. Winters here are cold with low to moderate snowfall, although temperatures tend to be milder than other parts of the U.S. Storms with ice and sleet are common, and when combined with freezing temperatures, conditions can become dangerous quickly. A gas or electric furnace with a high AFUE rating will keep indoor conditions safe and comfortable at all times.

Charleston summers are characterized by high humidity and thermostat readings, and conditions can become dangerous for other reasons. Daytime highs reach well into the 80s, and heat waves that push thermostat readings into the 90s are common. HVAC technicians recommend that residents have their central air conditioning systems serviced annually – preferably in the spring – to ensure that they will work properly when needed. These systems are especially important for the elderly, children, and people living with chronic medical conditions.